Advanced Multitasking Book

"Advanced Multitasking - Do More, Work Less, Be Happy" is about working efficiently and shares Mike found out in his investigation, analysis, and conclusion on the topic a few years ago. Although he thought the opposite, Mike learned his life was actually falling apart and his poor attempt at multitasking was the culprit. It was consoling to read the words by a ancient Roman philosopher that shattered my illusion, “To do two things at once is to do neither” (Syrus, 43BC). I sincerely hope the information presented in this book is as useful for you as it was for me.

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Multitasking Certifications

Advanced Multitasking certifications (AM2 and AM3) will be available soon. These certifications include an introductory presentation, reference material, homework, templates, the Advanced Multitasking book, and a consultation. Homework includes prioritizing tasks, identifying key stakeholders, validating task priorities, task planning, delegating tasks, reducing task scope, getting progress feedback, and passing a multiple-choice, 30-question exam with a score of 90% or higher. AM2 is the online certification and AM3 is the full-day, in-person workshop.

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Speaking Services

Mike Sanders, creator of Advanced Multitasking, has presented at over 100 business events throughout California and Nevada in the past four years. Topics include advanced multitasking, organizational communication, organizational psychology, organizational change, learning organizations, management psychodynamics, emotional intelligence, LinkedIn and networking, and business writing. Venues include business associations, management conferences and symposiums, and numerous corporations and government organizations. Contact Mike to arrange a presentation.

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A "Mike's conversation is a real eye opener on the misconception of multitasking. Additionally, he provides valuable insights on how to more effectively task switch, which is what we are actually doing when we think we are multitasking. This book is a must read for anyone that is trying to manage multiple projects.” Duane C.

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Advanced Multitasking on Kindle

B The Kindle version of Advanced Multitasking is now available on Unlike a physical book, you can "advanced multitask" while reading. Kindle on the PC is also great for copying page sections for quotations or reference.


What's Next?

C Mike's new Book “Rise of the Employee: The Inevitable Demise of Management” will publish in the Fall of 2014. Watch for it. Additionally, co-active leadership and success coaching will be offered beginning August, 2014. Check back for regular announcement updates.

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